Your Photo Gallery and Wedding Photos

Are you planning an engagement or destination wedding in Costa Rica?  Have you considered how your photographer will deliver your photos?  Have you given any thought to image file characteristics, i.e., file type, dimensions, size (MBs), resolution, quality . . . ?  It's understandable if you haven't.  It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning your big day and consumed by all the to-do's of an engagement or wedding abroad and overlook these important details that will greatly affect your post-engagement or wedding experience and the quality of your photos. 

If we were your photographers - Thank You!! - and you want to know how to access your photo gallery and use all of its great functions, skip to the video below.

If you haven't yet chosen your photographer, would you like to see how you'll receive your photos and the various features of your simple yet elegant, private online photo gallery, as well as learn some basic information about the image files you'll receive?  If so, keep reading!

Your Photo Gallery

First, a few details about your photo gallery that might not be evident in the video.  We deliver your photos via a private, online, password-protected photo gallery service by Cloudspot - available only to professional photographers - that has many great options.  You can download individual photos from the gallery or by category, e.g.,  1. The Preparation, 2. The Ceremony . . . for the gallery or your invitation email to a computer or Dropbox account, select your favorites and filter them, share them on social media, and more.  It really is an amazing gallery.  *Your photo gallery is active for 4 weeks to give you sufficient time to download your photos. To see it in action, watch the video.

A video: All About Your Photo Gallery

Your Photos

When editing and preparing your photos for delivery, our priority is image quality for the best prints possible.  We'll try to keep this as to-the-point and non-techy as possible.  It's important information, especially if you are comparing photographers and if you are going to use a professional printing lab to print your pictures.  If unfamiliar with this information, it will help keep the photo lab technicians from sounding as if they are speaking Greek. 

Image File Dimensions

The dimensions of your photos will mostly correspond to the max resolution of the sensor in the Canon 5D IV: 6720 x 4480.  On occasion, the dimensions may be a bit smaller if it's necessary to crop or dramatically straighten a photo.   We do our best to crop photos in the camera by using the correct lens and shooting techniques to maintain high image quality. 

Image File Type

There are various image file types, but we'll stick to the two relevant ones.  We take pictures in RAW format - it captures all the information the camera sensor is capable of capturing.  We deliver photos in JPEG format, which is compressed image file.  All professional photo labs should be able to print JPEG image files.  If you require an alternative image file type, let us know. 

Monitor Calibration

We use Dell Ultrasharp high resolution monitors and perform a hardware calibration - it is more accurate than a software calibration - before editing photos for every event using the X-Rite i1 Display Pro Colorimeter to ensure color accuracy and consistency.  

Viewing Distance

Your delivered photos are edited for a specific viewing distance.  If you zoom in over 30% the photo will look different, meaning you will see things that were not there when not zoomed in.  We zoom in at about 30% when editing skin to remove non-permanent imperfections, such as blemishes, pimples, insect bites . . . so they are not visible when viewed at the determined viewing distance. 

Our Equipment

We use Canon 5D IVs, and Canon's L-Series professional grade lenses-  one  is a zoom and the others are prime lenses. For lighting, we have several Elincrhom Quadra flash heads and Elinchrom Rotalux lighting modifiers and Westcott's Ice Light II, ensuring high quality digital files and lighting.


Your delivered image files will be at 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch), to ensure quality prints, from 4X6 to poster-sized prints and larger.  Be sure to have your photos printed at a high quality, reputable professional printing lab that uses pigmented ink to ensure your prints come out great and stand the test of time

Image Quality

We do not compress photos when preparing them for delivery.  We set the quality to 100%. 

Image File Size

Your JPEG files will average 13MB per photo.  


That wasn't so bad, was it?  It's pertinent information that's good to know and keep in mind when choosing your Costa Rica engagement or wedding photographer.  They are not repeatable.  Neither is the experience of receiving your photos.  For us, the quality of your pictures and how you receive them are very important.

Interested in a Sample Photo Gallery?

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