Wedding Photography Gallery

Hello.  Welcome to our Wedding Photo Galley page.  Here, you'll find random photos from weddings we've photographed all over Costa Rica.  If you'd like to see pictures of our most recent weddings, visit our Recent Weddings blog.

What's in a wedding photo?  Your wedding day is a marvelous and unrepeatable event filled with many moments.  Yes, you walking down the aisle in your gorgeous wedding dress as your family and friends look in awe, your first kiss as husband and wife, exchanging your wedding bands, your first dance . . . are all unquestionably momentous events. 

The in-between moments, however, better tell the whole tale of your big day - your bridesmaids helping you with your wedding dress, having your hair done, looking at yourself in the mirror before leaving for the ceremony, the groomsmen laughing as one of them asks for help with their tie . . .  This is what we at Arenas Foto Wedding Photography do.  We tell the whole story - the big and the small moments - in beautiful photos that retell the story of your wedding day.   

Assorted Wedding Photo Gallery

Your wedding is worth remembering

Memorable ocassions deserve memorable photos