Lost Iguana Resort & Spa - A Unique La Fortuna Wedding Venue

Lost Iguana Resort & Spa - La Fortuna, Costa Rica


While looking for unique wedding destinations in La Fortuna, we met with Alejandro Hernandez, Lost Iguana Resorts Marketing Executive wo gave us a tour of the resort’s venues for elopements, ceremonies, and reception and provided us with access to a honeymoon suite, a standard room, amenities, common areas, and showed us its best views of the rainforest and Arenal Volcano. We hope this article makes finding the right resort that much easier to make your big day in an amazing place a reality.    


Lost Iguana Resort & Spa is about  3 hours northwest of the Juan Sanatamaria airport and is situated about 1 mile off the main road passing trough La Fortuna on a secluded 120-acre rainforest preserve near the base of the Arenal Volcano.  The resort provides round-trip transportation to the airport and can also arrange transportation to and from other sites and activities in La Fortuna. 


Lost Iguana Resort is rated as a 4-Star resort that caters to clients wanting a distinct rainforest getaway and a unique wedding experience in the heart of La Fortuna’s tropical rainforest.  When constructed, its guest rooms and common areas were incorporated into the serene, dense rainforest and around the river that traverses the property, ensuring guests a genuine tropical rainforest experience anywhere at the resort.  Its 42 hillside rooms each have an amazing view of the Arenal Volcano, as do most other locations, and are surrounding by a natural rainforest that exotic plants, birds, and other diurnal and nocturnal creatures call home. 

Why Lost Iguana Resort & Spa Is Unique

The views and location are the primary features that make the resort unique amongst others in La Fortuna.  That Lost Iguana Resort is located on a large, dense, tropical rainforest preserve that is removed from the highway leaves it secluded and affords it a silence and serenity uncommon to most resorts in La Fortuna, let alone Costa Rica.  How and where it built its guest rooms adds to its uniqueness:  they are hidden in the surrounding hills and are all oriented to provide guests a spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano that looms large in not so far distance.  This allows guests to feel as if they were on an island in a rainforest, left alone to enjoy the myriad exotic animals, plants and flowers as well as the river flowing through the preserve.  Add to this their world-class spa, stellar customer service, and beautifully finished and designed accommodations, and you have one of the most unique wedding destination sin Costa Rica.   


When planning an international destination wedding, there are many factors to consider, such as the weather and busy and slow seasons, which can dramatically affect lodging availability, travel costs, and you overall experience.


Unpredictable is the adjective that best describes the weather in La Fortuna.  March and April are the months that experience the least rainfall.  December is the wettest month and rain is highly probable in all other months.  When it rains, it generally rains in the afternoon and at night, and it is a slow and steady rain most times, unlike the sever storms Florida is known for, for example. As such, Lost Iguana Resort & Spa has covered areas for so your wedding ceremony and reception can take place in spite of the rain and still have a marvelous view of the Arenal Volcano and Rainforest.


The busy season in Costa Rica – the summer – is from mid December to late March, and the slow season – the “winter”, or rainy season for most of Costa Rica, – is from late March to mid December. 

If tying the not in Costa Rica during the busy season, expect to pay more for travel and lodging and make sure to plan well in advance as accommodations grow more limited to non existent as the peak season nears.  This is when Costa Ricans traditionally go on vacation, typically to the beaches, and when Costa Rica has more international visitors.  

Gorgeous jacuzzi-type tub with view of Arenal Volcano in Lost Iguana Resort Honeymoon Suite.


At the time of writing this article in October 2017, Lost Iguana Resort & Spa did not offer wedding planning services due to undergoing restructuring in this department.  If Lost Iguana is the wedding venue for you, we recommend Megan Cox from Mil Besos Costa Rica or Larissa Banting from Weddings Costa Rica.  Both are first-rate wedding planners with an excellent reputation and years of experience planning destination weddings all over Costa Rica for international clients.


The resort can arrange all of your wedding day needs, from having your hair styled, a manicure, pedicure or both, your makeup done, and even a massage on your big day to make sure you are beautiful and as relaxed as possible when you say I do.


Lost Iguana Resort & Spa's wedding venues can handle small, intimate weddings and elopements to engagements up to 90 guests, and can manage 1 large wedding per day, and possibly two smaller events or elopements on the same day at different times.  For Mr. Hernandez, nothing is more important than making sure your wedding day is a wonderful and memorable experience and that your stay at the resort and in La Fortuna before and afterwards is equally magnificent.    


Its 42 guest rooms are sure to meet you and your wedding guest’s lodging needs.  From its spectacular Honeymoon Suite to its Standard Deluxe, from its Jr. Suite to it’s The Casita (The House), they are sure to please all of your senses.  All of their accommodations are hidden in the hills of the rainforest, and all have a stunning view of the Arenal Volcano.  Additionally, all rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, which is a must in La Fortuna when preparing for your big day.

The photo galleries of the Honeymoon Suite and Standard Deluxe will give you a good idea of the design, quality, style, and views of these rooms and of the suites were were not able to photograph.  

 1. Honeymoon Suite – Luxury Suite

The Lost Iguana Resort & Spa’s Honeymoon Suite is just beautiful, one of the most beautiful we have seen.  It is a spacious room with high ceilings whose wooden rafters and ceiling are exposed, under which there is a lovely solid wood king-size canopy bed.  Its French doors open to an ample balcony with comfortable chairs overlooking the Arenal Volcano and rainforest.  In an outdoor room adjacent to the balcony, there is a Jacuzzi-type hot tub ensconced in natural stone tile that is bathed by the beautiful natural light falling on the tub through the openings in the walls.  There is also an area near the bed that has wood chairs and a table for you and your soon-to-be . . .  to socialize.  The bathroom is adequately sized and has a natural stone vanity ornamented with a beautiful rectangular stone sink.  

2. Standard Deluxe

The Standard Deluxe rooms likewise have high wooden ceilings and French doors that open to a patio or balcony that has a great view of the Arenal Volcano and rainforest.  They come with two full size beds and are decorated with artwork hand crafted by local and international artisans whose style is in keeping with the motif of the resort. 

3. Villas Junior Suites

Their spacious two-bedroom villas are located in a secluded area and each comes with two bedrooms.  The master bedroom features a king-size bed, a spacious dining and socializing area, a refrigerator and microwave, a balcony with a Jacuzzi with a stunning view of the rainforest and Arenal Volcano.  The second bedroom comes with two full beds, a complete bathroom, and a patio or balcony that does not have a view of the volcano.  It too has high wood ceilings and large windows allowing for much natural light to enter.    

4. Villa Superior Suites

In addition to the same location, features, and views of Arenal Volcano that the Junior Suites enjoy, the Villa Superior suites have a more spacious master bedroom, a larger bathroom with an outdoor shower made of lava rock, and an enormous private balcony or patio where you can relax in a Jacuzzi.  To boot, the second bedroom has views of the volcano, and the large living area has a kitchenette and it has a common balcony or patio. 

5. Las Casitas

Iguana Resort & Spa’s Las Casitas (Houses) are situated on a high on a hill in a separate building hidden in the rainforest, giving it a vantage point that affords it one of the best views of the Arenal Volcano and the countryside at the resort.  Complementing the same amenities as the Villas Superior Suites, Las Casitas features a half bath in the living area, an even larger balcony or patio, and an extra large Jacuzzi. 

6. The Casita

As its name implies, The Casita - The House - is a free-standing house with an impeccable view of the Arenal Volcano.  It is equipped with a full kitchen, a master bedroom that comes with a king and single bed, a large terrace with a Jacuzzi, an open-air shower built from lava rock, ceiling fans, and a copious bathroom.  The living area has a half bath for guests, a sofa bed, and an extensive balcony or patio, in addition to the features of the other suites with regards to the type and quality of the ceilings and finishings.

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Lost Iguana Resort & Spa has wonderful covered and open-air locations with great views of the Arenal Volcano and rainforest for your wedding day events.  There are great locations for elopements, intimate weddings, and large wedding parties

 * Listed capacities  will vary depending if there is a DJ., live music, or other service requiring space.


Ideal for wedding ceremonies and receptions with no more than 80 -90 guests, The Pavilion, is an excellent choice.  Located on on a hill in the rainforest, is is a spacious rectangular wooden structure with high ceilings, open walls, and solid hardwood floors.  The Pavilion is surrounded by tropical plants and exotic flowers, and one end of the structure opens to a fantastic view of Arenal Volcano, which serves as a backdrop to the wedding ceremony altar.


Near the resort's pool, there is a small wooden deck that extended over a pond populated with fish.  It is an ideal venue for small, intimate wedding ceremonies or elopements, and receptions of 10-15 of your guests.  There is an option to cover the deck with a canopy in case of rain and to not be exposed to the sun for the duration of your wedding day. 


Hibiscus Restaurant is the primary dining location at Lost Iguana Resort & Spa.  It is a wonderful place for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and dinners for weddings up to 90 guests.  At its entrance, there is a waterfall and pond made of lava rock swimming with fish from where you can see the Arenal Volcano, which is also visible from one section of the restaurant.  Similar to the Pavilion, it is a large wood structure surrounded by rainforest with a wood ceiling and floors.  

4. Lost Iguana Bar & Pool – Ceremonies & Receptions

For a more relaxed wedding venue, Lost Iguana Resort & Spa has pool area with a small terrace and covered bar area that is ideal for weddings of up to 50 people, as well as elopements.  It is surrounded by rainforest and has a nice view of the Arenal Volcano.  If you are going to "trash the dress", you can have a few drinks and then take a plunge in their beautiful pool.    

Is Lost Iguana The place for Your wedding?


Too keep your entertained before and after your wedding day, there is no shortage of activities in La Fortuna and some at the resort.


At the resort, there is a private trial that meanders in the surrounding rainforest where you can see all sorts of unique animals species and enjoy marvelous views of the rainforest and volcano during the 1.5 hour hike.


For activities in La Fortuna, such as its thermal springs, the La Fortuna Waterfall and Arenal Volcano National Park, river rafting, kayaking, hanging bridges, sky tram canopy tour, horseback riding, ATV tours, biking, a tour of the Venado Caves, and more, Lost Iguana can organize these activities and excursions for guests with a local tour company they work with.

An early-morning photo of the Arenal Waterfall and its rainforest surroundings


After traveling for so many hours, not to mention all the days and hours spent preparing for your wedding, a spa treatment or two or three at the resort is just the remedy to relax you for your big day. 


Elegant and sophisticated, the Golden Gecko Spa is a world-class spa where stress melts away as you while away the time in your private bungalow surrounded by rainforest while Lost Iguana’s specialists massage your troubles away with their spa treatments as you listen to the hum of a cascading river and animals singing in the jungle. 

Guest Reception Area

When you arrive at Lost Iguana Resort & Spa to check in, you will be met with an attractive and ample waiting area furnished with wood chairs and sofas that is enveloped in rainforest.  Similar to the construction of other common areas, the reception building is a wooden structure with exposed wood rafters and ceiling that is supported by columns made from trees native to Costa Rica.  Here, you will get your first glimpse of the rainforest that will surround your accommodations and wedding event locations, as well as the marvelous view of the Arenal Volcano.  


Its location, secluded in the La Fortuna rainforest at a distance from the main road, and its elegantly and tastefully designed and finished structures and accommodations that abound with solid wood furniture and finishings, large windows, and warm colors, make Lost Iguana Resort & Spa a serene, peaceful location steeped in natural beauty that is an amazing venue for a memorable destination wedding in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

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