What Makes a Great Wedding Photographer?


Seeing what makes a great wedding photographer is not easy.  As with most things, there's a not so good, a good, a better, and a best version.  Think shoes:  Which would you prefer, Payless or Manolo Blahnik?  We'd say there are 4 categories that separate the good, better, and best photographers: Photographs, Albums, Experience, and Customer Service.


What should you look for when reviewing a potential photographer's work?  We'd say first decide on a style of wedding photography before looking at individual photographers (light, dark, fun, serious, sexy . . . ).  Once you've settled on a style, find photographers that match it and then review their work to see if: · Are the images snapshots or photos· Good Exposure: are photos too dark or too light), · Good White Balance & Colors (are they too orange or too blue, too red or too green, overly saturated or overly desaturated, · Unnatural Effect: is there an affect the photographer made that overpowers the image keeping it from looking natural or timeless, · Consistency: is the style and the above criteria consistent in all the photographers's photos?, · Distractions: look for skin blemishes, very noticeable wrinkles, insect bites, unflattering angles or poses, or distracting backgrounds in photos


Your first family heirloom is your photo album or photo book.  It will be passed on to your children, then your children's children.  It will be in your family for generations.  How can you determine if a photographer's photo books is up to the task?  If an album or photo book exhibits any of the following issues, it's doubtful it will las more than 5 years: · Page seams are cracking, pinking or have any sort of discoloration, · Page corners and sides are peeling or not laying flat, · Pages appear wavy or to warp while the book is closed, · The photos are not as colorful, vibrant, and do not match the image quality of the images on the photographer's website.


Having an experienced professional wedding photographer is priceless.  Such a photographer can anticipate special moments, contend with the unexpected, expect the unexpected, be flexible in all circumstances, help your wedding-day timeline, and deal with all lighting conditions.  Ask potential photographers various types of questions.  Here are a few examples: Have you ever photographed a wedding like mine, (what sort of wedding will you have - traditional, Hindu, Jewish, Catholic, non-denominational, secular, LGBT, a zombie-theme, . . .)?  All weddings are different event if at the same venue given that the lighting, colors, people, personalities, cultures, variety and type of wedding-day events, are never exactly the same).  Ask photographers what they do in the case of X, "X" being any variable you can imagine might happen on your wedding day to see if they can improvise quickly.  Ask if they use a wedding-day and portrait shot list.  Your photographer should discuss the bride & groom and family photo session before the wedding and make suggestions based on how many family members you want in the photos and how much time will be needed.  This should not be left for the wedding day.

Customer Service

You think you've found the perfect photographer!  They have high quality photography and you love their style, their photo albums are top notch, and have loads of experience. Or, so you thought.  Your photos, when you eventually received them 8 months later were amazing.  Your photo book, which arrived on your first anniversary was what you expected.  Your personalities completely clashed.  It's clear that had lots of experience as photographers, but not so much with regards to customer service and your wedding-day experience.  Now, when you look at your wedding photos, the first thing that comes to mind was what a horrible experience!

Legitimate online reviews from actual clients are a good way to anticipate your experience with a photographer before, during, and after your wedding day.  You should also take the initiative to and ask certain questions to avoid a bad experience.  Ask: When and how you will receive your photos?  When you will  receive your photo book and what is the process (the photographer should select the photos and design the book with your input, not vise versa)? Do they have a team or do they do every thing themselves (it's no possible to do produce great wedding photography and tend to all the aspects of running a professional wedding photography business alone.  It's very consuming), are they a boutique-type or a quantity-over-quality photographer (the former will shoot fewer wedding per year and provide a personalized service whereas the latter shoots all weddings the same way leaving you with cookie-cutter snapshots).  Do you like the photographer.  We recommend having at least 2-3 conversation with your photographer to make sure you are compatible.  If you don't and if your are not compatible, you may just have have a very long and unpleasant wedding day that you will not want to remember. 

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