Marya & Jackie's Secrets Papagayo Beach Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

Marya & Jackie's Costa Rica Beach Wedding

Secrets Papagayo - Guanacaste

On a gorgeous late Wednesday afternoon just before sunset, on a lovely, intimate, secluded beach at Secrets Papagayo in Guanacaste, Marya and Jackie said "I do" in what was a most touching and genuine demonstration of love and affection between two lovers, between two beautiful souls that had the fortune of finding one another.

We met Marya and Jackie at the salon, where they were having their hair, nails, and wedding makeup done.  Wearing matching "I do" t-shirts, Jackie was having her hair braided and curled while Marya watched and enjoyed a flute of champaign.  After Marya had her hair done for a traditional Indian wedding, we went to the bridal suite and got some great shots of Jackie's lovely wedding dress, Marya's gorgeous red Indian wedding gown, their wedding bands and of them preparing for the ceremony.

The ceremony took place on a shady patch of beach surrounded by large trees not far from the shoreline.  Maya and Jackie's family walked the brides to the altar down a aisle of beach sand that was decorated with red and white flower petals and had rows of white chairs on each side.  As Marya and Jackie said their wedding vows and exchanged wedding bands, their families watched with joy.  

Unique to Marya and Jackie's interfaith wedding ceremony was the inclusion of various traditional Hindu wedding rituals, such as lighting a sacred fire to invoke the Fire God Agni to bear witness to the ceremony, the exchanging of garlands to welcome each other into the others' families, and Saptapadi - Seven Sacred Steps - by walking around the sacred fire seven times in order to affirm their wedding vows and seal their matrimony for eternity.  

After the ceremony, the brides and their family shared a few celebratory moments by cutting the wedding-day cake and toasting the just-married couple before we headed to the beach to take family and bridal wedding photos on the beach during the last minutes of the sunset.  Marya and Jackie spent the rest of the night having an intimate dinner with their family at a restaurant overlooking the beach, during which there were speeches, toasts, many hugs, and kisses.  

We've photographed many weddings in Costa Rica of many couples in love.  Marya and Jackie's wedding was one of the most, if not the most, touching and heart-felt weddings we've had the honor of photographing.

Thank you Marya and Jackie for inviting us into your life on such a precious, intimate, and private day.  We wish you a long a prosperous life filled with happiness!  

                                                                                                        - Lindsay & AndrĂ©s


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