Jessica & Esteban - Villa Avalon, Punta Leona, Costa Rica

Jessica & Estaban's Wedding - Villa Avalon, Costa Rica

Thank you Jessica and Esteban for having us photograph one of the most important and memorable days of your life.   Your wedding was beautiful, and it was great for you that you had so many family and friends to share the day with you.  You also make a great couple.  Jessica, your dress was just gorgeous.  Also, you selected a wonderful location.  We wish you the best in your new life together.  Thank you.

Jessica and Esteban’s wedding took place in Punta Leona, Costa Rica, at Villa Avalon.  We started by photographing Jessica, her bridesmaids, and her mother in one of the many beautiful rooms in the villa, focusing on the details and capturing their emotions as they prepared for Jessica’s big day, making use of the beautiful daylight coming in from the large windows.

After the preparation, we followed the bridal party to the upstairs master bedroom that had views of the Pacific Ocean to take portraits of the bridal parry of Jessica with her mother, the her grandmother, and then father.  On the way downstairs to the location for the ceremony, we took a few additional photos of Jessica in the gorgeous circular staircase

The ceremony took place on the spacious terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  As their friends and family waited patiently, Esteban escorted his and Jessica’s immediate family members to the seat, which was followed by Jessica’s father walking her to the altar, during which varied Jessica’s facial expressions betrayed the varied emotions passing through her mind.  It was a beautiful and emotive ceremony.    

We then went the Playa Blanca in Punta Leona for beach and sunset portraits of Jessica and Esteban.  We took photos of them as they walked on the rocks on the shore while the large, radiant, dramatically orange sun sat behind them, leaving us with lovely silhouettes and then lit portraits by adding flash, which was followed by portraits of them walking along the beach.

When then returned to the villa for the reception.  Everyone toasted to Jessica and Esteban’s happiness and future, and then family members and friends gave speeches and wished them well.  Then there was the first dance, then all danced as the music played.  Towards the end of the night, they put on a traditional Costa Rican dance in which all participated.

From start to finish, from the details to the villa, Jessica and Esteban’s wedding was lovely, memorable. 

                                                                                                                - Lindsay & Andrés


Jessica & Esteban's Wedding Phot0s

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