Janneke & Jeroen's Intimate Costa Rica Beach Wedding

Janneke & Jeroen's Beach Wedding  

Playa Ventanas, Costa Rica

It was a pleasure meeting Janneke and Jeroen, as well as their daughter and friends.  They are truly wonderful.  Thank you.

Janneke and Jeroen traveled from the Netherlands to get married on the beach in Ojochal, Costa Rica.  Similar to many of the other beaches in Costa Rica, such as in Guanacaste, Herradura, and Puntarenas, those in Ojochal are spectacularly beautiful, perhaps more so.  Luckily, it did not rain, and the weather was great, with clouds marking a radiant blue sky. 

We started by photographing the details: Janneke's wedding dress, their wedding rings, other jewelry, and items dear to them in and about their cabin, as well as in the surrounding dense Costa Rican jungle.  On the wooden deck, Janneke and Jeroen finished preparing with the help of their daughter and friends, which made for great, intimate pictures.

We then traveled to Playa Ventanas where they gathered near the shore to say their vows during a brief wedding ceremony, which was followed by Janneke and Jeroen and their daughter walking on the beach and drawing a large heart in the sand.  During the signing ceremony, at a table placed in the shade of a large tree on the beach, their friends read heartwarming letters that brought Janneke to shed tears of joy.  Under the table, a stray dog remained hopeful that an errant piece of food would fall from the table.

During the reception at El Mono Feliz Hotel, a great they shared a beautiful and delicious wedding cake covered with deep red, alluring strawberries and a white wine.  Their daughter was quite stricken with the cake, having two pieces.  It was delicious.  When they returned to their cabin, they were surprised to find it had been decorated by the owners with flowers and leaves from the various plants nearby. 

For the wedding portraits, Janneke and Jeroen wanted to take them in the expansive garden and near the river at the rear of the property, where there was a quaint wooden bridge and various types of plants and flowers.  As the sun was at its zenith, the jungle canopy helped us control the light, allowing us to find some directional and dappled lighting to create shadows and various other lighting effects that are not usually possible. 

The photos came out great, and they will have beautiful photos of their wedding day that will remind them of all the small things, as well as the momentous ones, that made up and transpired on their special day.  Janneke and Jeroen were great to photograph, especially Janneke, given that her face cannot help but betray her emotions, and their wedding day overflowed with happiness.  We thank you very much, and we wish you, your family, and friends a safe return to the Netherlands, and a long, happy, and prosperous life. 

                                                                                                                 - Lindsay & Andrés


Janneke & Jeroen's Wedding Photos


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