Janet & Thad's wedding at La Paz Waterfall Gardens Wedding

Janet & Thad's La Paz Waterfall Gardens Wedding

Vara Blanca, Costa Rica

Hi Janet and Thad! It was wonderful to meet you both and photograph your lovely wedding.

Janet and Thad got married on a cloudy and rainy Saturday afternoon in September at the Peace Lodge and Waterfall Gardens resort located in a cloud forest in Vara Blanca, Costa Rica. We started the day in their honeymoon suite taking photos as Janet had a her wedding-day makeup and hair done, taking photos of her gorgeous dress, shoes, bridal bouquet, her and Thad’s wedding bands, his suite and shoes and other memories.

Throughout the afternoon, it rained off an on. It was the rainy season, and it was a cloud forest. Luckily, when it came time for the ceremony there was break in the rain, Thad, Lindsay, and Marcello Galli - their wedding officiant - hurried to the ceremony site while I snapped a few photos of Janet after she put on her dress. We hurried to the wedding location - an intimate gazebo overlooking the majestic La Paz Waterfall - getting there at about 5:00. Lindsay took photos of Thad waiting anxiously for Janet, and I took pictures of Janet walking to the gazebo. We love catching that moment when the bride and groom see each other dressed for their big day1

It was a beautiful ceremony! Janet and Thad said their vows, exchanged rings, sealed it with a kiss, as the waterfall hummed in the background and what was left of the late afternoon’s sun that lit the surrounding cloud forest sun faded away. Just as the ceremony ended, it started to rain again. There was little light left and the rain prevented us from taking bride and groom photos, so we returned to the bridal suite where Janet and Thad cut their wedding cake and celebrated their marriage with delicious cake and kisses.

Thankfully, Janet and Thad had time the next morning to take their wedding portraits, and thankfully we stayed the night in the areas. The next morning was gorgeous. There were a few clouds in the sky and rain nowhere to be seen. We returned to the gazebo to snap some photos of them there and then headed to the terrace below near the base of the La Paz Waterfall where we got some amazing photos of the newlyweds. We then went to another waterfall where there was a small beach with a mystical waterfall far off in the background encased in a ravine into which the early morning sunlight poured in, making the photos that much more amazing.

Thank you Janet and Thad for having us as your wedding photographers, and we’d also like to thank Hazel Gonzalez, La Paz Waterfall Gardens’ wedding planner, for making sure Janet and Thad’s wedding went as best it could given the weather and for the beautiful floral arrangements, bridal bouquet, and cake.

Janet & Thad’s Wedding Photos - La Paz Waterfall Gardens

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