Carole & Austin's Occidental Papagayo Beach Wedding

Carole & Austin's Beach Wedding

Occidental Papagayo Resort, Costa Rica

We met Carole and Austin the day before their wedding at Occidental Papagayo Resort for a pre-wedding session on the beach at sunset.  What a fun and great couple!  

When we introduced ourselves, we thought Carole was upset with us given her demeanor and looks.  We arrived a tad late due to the traffic caused by the construction several stretches of highway were undergoing, which we though was the cause. 

As it turned out, Carole was not very fond of cameras, and much less having her picture taken, and the people with the cameras who were going to take pictures of her and her fiancé in front of other people on the beach had just arrived.  What a relief!!  Well, at least for us.  We chatted with her and Austin, and after a while, she seemed to be excited about the session so we headed to the beach.  They had a great time and we got some great photos. 

In a way, it worked out for the better we met and had the photo session the day before.  Brides already have enough to be nervous about on their wedding day, and nervous brides do not make for good wedding photography.     

Carole and Austin wanted a small, intimate wedding on the beach with their two closest friends who traveled with them from Canada.  And so it was.  

We started by photographing their wedding rings and jewelry, the bouquets, the wedding dress and other mementos while Carole was at the salon with her bridesmaid having their hair, makeup, and nails done.  We managed to make it to the salon to snap some pictures of them there.  When they returned from the salon, Lindsay stayed in their room to take photos of Carole after putting on her wedding gown, I went to the guy's room to get some photos of Austin and his best man dressed in casual attire fit for a beach wedding.   

Austin and his best man went to the ceremony location on the beach first and Lindsay went with them to take photos of the location and to get photos of Carole as she walked to the altar.  I stayed behind with the ladies to take additional photos of Carole from different perspectives for variety since I'm a bit taller than Lindsay.

When I arrived at the beach with Carole and her bridesmaid, I went to the area near the altar to get shots of Austin and the best man waiting for the bride and her bridesmaid.  I love those shots, capturing the emotions of the groom as he waits for his love to appear and then when he first sees her and then watches her walk to the altar.  

The ceremony was very quick.  Before we knew it, they were saying I do and sealing it with a kiss.  Thank goodness there were two of us to get shots from various perspectives because the ceremony lasted a few minutes.  After they exchanged rings, they had a sand-pouring ceremony that represented their union by combining sand of two colors into a heart-shaped glass container.

After the ceremony, we took bride and groom portraits in a few locations on the beach to Carole and Austin would have memories of the place they got married and of the beautiful beach and views at the beach in Papagayo.  We had to hurry because the sun sets early and quickly in Costa Rica!  

At a private bungalow-type area near the beach, Carole and Austin had their reception - a toast, their first dance, cake cutting ceremony, and then a candlelight dinner.  The first dance was wonderful.  The love between them was palpable.  Also, the cake was just beautiful and we imagine delicious.  

Meeting Carole and Austin was a memorable experience.  Photographing their wedding and making sure they had marvelous photos of their wedding they will cherish for years was an honor.  

We hope you enjoy the photo gallery of their wedding day photos!


Carole & Austin's Wedding Photos

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