Carina & Andrey's Costa Rica Wedding

Carina & Andrey's San José Wedding

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Carina and Andrey's wedding was quite the international event.  Although Carina lives in the U.S., she has family and friends in Mexico, Nicaragua, and the States, who traveled to Costa Rica to see them tie the know.  After marrying Andrey, who is Costa Rican, she now has family in Costa Rica. 

On their wedding day, we arrived a few hours early - you never know how the traffic will be in San José, and we like to arrive early to meet the bride and groom and have a chat, as well as check out the wedding-day event locations find a few sites for wedding portraits.  

While we got to know each other, we could see how much love and support there was between and from their family.  It was really nice to see and experience.  Afterwards, Lindsay and I began by taking photos in the bride's room, of their wedding rings, her other wedding-day jewelry, her wedding gown, the bridesmaids, and her parents.  While Carina dressed, I went to the groom's room to take photos of him and the groomsmen preparing.  I got some really great shots of Andrey in front of a mirror.  It was a very darkly lit room, so I put a constant light above and to the right of him to get some great shadows and contrast.  They I took a few shots of Andrey with the groomsmen before the First Looks session.

Downstairs by the lobby, there was a long exterior covered hallway that had light entering from openings on one side and vines on the other that gave us great background and directional lighting. It was a prime location for First Looks.  We placed Andrey in one of the lit areas and had Carina walk the hallway close to the vines to contrast with her dress.  It's always a wonderful moment to watch the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day.  

Their ceremony took place outside in a small, picturesque garden on a wood deck next to a tree with white flowers under a blue sky.  The garden was packed with family and friends!  It was a beautiful setting and beautiful to see so many loved ones there for Carina and Andrey, watching them as they said their wedding vows, exchanged rings, and had their first kiss as a married couple.  After the ceremony, there was a long queue to hug and kiss the bride and groom, which made for some great photographs.  

For the bride and groom photos, we started in the garden in front of a wood bench and trees and foliage that made for a nice backdrop.  Also, the sun was behind Carina and Andrey, which gave us a great hair light and light that fell nicely on their profile and hands as we asked the to have another ring-exchanging ceremony.  For the family photos with the bride and groom, we shot them indoors in front of a wall with Costa Rican-influenced paintings.  Wow!  Did we shoot a lot of portraits.  Poor Andrey! He was exhausted.  He did not sleep well the night before.  After the ceremony, all the excitement and anxiety that kept him functioning disappeared.  He persevered while took wedding portraits of them with all their nearest and dearest.

At the cantina with and outdoor poolside seating area and area for dancing, Carina and Andrey had their first dance and their family and friends joined in to celebrate their nuptials shortly afterwards.  Near the pool, they cut their wedding cake hand in hand as husband and wife with happiness written all over their face.  It was a beautiful moment.

Meeting Carina and Andrey and their family and friends was a memorable experience.  It was a wedding to remember given the love between them and their family.  We wish Carina and Andrey all the happiness in the world and we thank them for inviting us into their life on such an important and intimate day.  Thank you Carina and Andrey!

                                                                                                                 - Lindsay & Andrés


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