Adriana & Orlando's Costa Rica Wedding - Central Valley

Adriana & Orlando's Church Wedding

San Jose, Costa Rica

First, we would like to thank Adriana and Orlando for having us to photograph one of the most important and memorable days of their life. You make a lovely couple, and it was a pleasure photographing your engagement and wedding.  It was beautiful, and the love you share and the love of your family was everywhere to be seen.   We wish you the best in your new life together.  Thank you.

Adriana and Orlando’s wedding took place in Cartago, Costa Rica.  We started the day by photographing the Adriana in her home, of her beautiful wedding gown, her and her bridesmaid’s preparation, and of her family and friends.  Fortunately, it was a bright day and her house had many large windows, allowing us to use natural light and take plenty of photos with dramatic shadows. 

Afterwards, we traveled to Santo Domingo Savio church in Cartago for the ceremony where they had a traditional Catholic service, which was followed by a lively wedding reception at the clubhouse where Adriana and Orlando now live.  During the reception, we set up our studio lighting equipment and took beautiful portraits of Adriana and Orlando.

It truly was a beautiful, memorable day, and it was great working with Adriana and Orlando, as well as with Ana Fonseca, the wedding organizer, the caterer, and all those who worked together to make it a wonderful, flawless wedding.  Thank you!

                                                                                                                - Lindsay & Andrés


Adriana & Orlando's Wedding Photos

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