Stephanie & Paul's La Fortuna Waterfall Engagement

Stephanie & Paul's Engagement

La Fortuna Waterfall, Costa Rica

Unbeknownst to Stephanie, Paul planned a trip to Costa Rica to propose to her while riding in a hot air balloon after a morning or riding horses, all of which was to be followed by an engagement photography session at the waterfall in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.  She said yes. 

This was one of more difficult engagement sessions we have had.  It was the day Hurricane Otto came ashore.  Thankfully, the Arenal National Park had not yet closed due to the foul weather resulting from the outer bands of the hurricane that had reached far inland to La Fortuna.  It was the only day they had for the Engagement Session.

It rained off and on, and there was a mist encapsulating the area near the waterfall, given that the river that fed it was engorged will all the precipitation from the hurricane, resulting in much more water falling into the lagoon below.  Everything was wet and slippery.  The mist made working with flash difficult since it reflected the light and caused some images to appear grainy or noisy.  Additionally, it was extremely overcast, precluding precluding us from having natural directional light to produce dramatic shadows and rim light. 

Thankfully, Stephanie and Paul were in no rush and were very relaxed and patient.  We managed to make the best of it and to get many great photographs of Stephanie and Paul expressing their love for one another and enjoying the scenery.  They make a great couple, and we wish them well with their future marriage.

La Fortuna Waterfall & Lagoon Engagement

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