Carole & Austin's Guanacaste Beach Engagement

Carole & Austin's Beach Engagement

Occidental Papagayo Resort, Costa Rica

The day before they were to get married, we had a sunset photo session with Carole and Austin who flew to Costa Rica from Canada on a beautiful beach in Guanacaste.  It was more of a pre-wedding photography session than an engagement session since they had been engaged for some time and were to get hitched the next day, but let's call it an engagement session for the sake of simplicity.  

It's a good thing we had the shoot the day before their wedding!  Carole was not fond of having her photo taken, and the sight of us and our cameras made her quite nervous.  We started the session at the further end of the beach where there were no other people and where the sun was setting behind a hill, giving us a great warm light with the Pacific Ocean in the background.  As the engagement session went on, Carole became more relaxed, showing her great smile and eyes.  

After some photos in the shade - there was very little direct sunlight, we took photos of them walking holding hands on the shoreline, some with the sun at their back with flash to light their faces, and others with them walking facing the sunset lighting their faces with the warm, orange sunlight.  

We finished the session with Carole and Austin sitting on rocks on the beach in the shade - there was no more direct sunlight - with Carole leaning against Austin.  It was a beautiful spot for photos.  In the distance, the clouds were imbued with the orange of the setting sun contrasted by the blue sky and blue water, making for a very romantic setting for a couple in love.  

One thing we love about engagement photo sessions and pre-wedding sessions is that it if a soon-to-be bride or groom is nervous in front of the camera, it really helps them relax for their wedding photos.  It also gives us a great opportunity to meet and get to know each other a bit before the wedding - it's a bit odd having the photographer just show up and start taking pictures.  

All in all, Carole and Austin's engagement session went great and the photos came out even better.  Carole just loved the photos!  That's the best compliment we can get.  Now they have beautiful engagement photos of them on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica to remember their romantic adventure in a beautiful country before their wedding day. Thanks Carole & Austin!

                                                                                                                 - Lindsay & Andrés

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