Adriana & Orlando's Botanical Garden Engagement in Costa Rica

Adriana & Orlando's Botanical Garden Engagement

San Jose, Costa Rica

Adriana and Orlando's engagement session took place at the Botanical Gardens in Cartago, Costa Rica.  We arrived as early as possible to take advantage of the directional sunlight.  It was a beautiful day, and there were so many great places to take photographs for their engagement we did not know where to start.  We decided to shoot in the areas in direct sunlight and to take photographs of them in areas with constant shade later in the morning as the sun reached its zenith.   

We decided on the cute fountain near the entrance.  After taking some photos of them looking at the camera and with some poses, we waited for them to relax and start interacting, forgetting we where there taking pictures of them.  The photos came out great.  They are a great looking couple, and are rather photogenic. 

After the fountain, we headed to a picturesque red bridge, but stopped in an area where there were many mature bamboo trees that would make for a good background.  Here,  where we got some great shots of them standing, embracing, and looking at each other, showing their love for one another.  The low sun created some nice shadows as well. 

At the quaint, red bridge, we first had them stand in the center and then sit and interact naturally.  We took photographs of them from afar to incorporate the landscape and then closer to focus on their emotions and reactions to one another, in addition tosome photos of their reflection in the water.  The photos of them siting really show what a great couple they make.

We then went to a lovely, narrow stone bridge where we took some formal engagement portraits of them sitting and then took more portraits of them as they stood outside nearby the window of a wooden building then from the inside for a silhouette.  The sun was a bit higher so we used Orlando to partially block it to cast some shadow on Adriana's face to give it some depth.  The way she looks at him in those pictures and the shadows made for some wonderful engagement photography, especially the black and white photographs.

Towards the end of the engagement session, Adriana and Orlando wanted photos of them walking on wooden planks that serve as a type of boardwalk.  This area was shaded, so we used a silver reflector to cast fill light on their faces to give them dimension.  Orlando looks chivalrous in the photographs. 

On the way out, my wife wanted to photograph them laying in the grass near a bed of plants under a large tree that broke the sunlight into slivers and spots, adding to the photos.  From looking at these pictures, it is no wonder they are getting married, given the obvious love they have for each other. 

Adriana & Oraldo's Engagement Photos

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