Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose ARENAS FOTO?

Lindsay and I take your wedding day seriously. It is a one-time event. There is no room for error.

We pride ourselves on providing beautiful, high-quality wedding and engagement photos that capture the essence of your wedding day that you will cherish for many years. We also provide a professional, uncomplicated, and client-oriented customer service experience that takes into consideration the needs, wants, and expectations of clients who are planning a destination wedding in Costa Rica, from digital signatures and secure online credit card processing to online photo galleries and digital file delivery.

We have over 10 years of combined experience as engagement and wedding photographers. Due to our years of experience, we are able to anticipate those moments that make for great wedding photos, to be in the right place at the right time, to have the camera settings ready so when can focus on the moment, such as when a bride’s father sees her for the first time on her wedding day after preparing. These moments are priceless, cannot be recreated, and last for only a moment.

We have photographed engagements and weddings in all sorts of situations – from perfect, picturesque beach sunsets to shooting an engagement during a hurricane – as well as in all types of lighting conditions – morning, noon, and night, and flash. There is not situation we cannot handle.

We were featured in Guía de Novias 2017 (Bridal Guide 2017) and were the photographers for Expo Belleza 2016 (Beauty Expo 2016) in San Jose, Costa Rica. ARENAS FOTO is a legal entity and operates under an Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (S.R.L. or LLC), that is registered with the Ministerio de Hacienda (Costa Rica Taxing and Business Licensing Authority), and carries a limited liability insurance policy through Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS), Costa Rica’s national insurance company.

Do you offer prints and photo books or photo albums?

Prints and photo books are an essential and traditional way to memorialize your wedding. Digital files have many benefits. They are easily shared on mobile devices, computers, and social networks. They are also easily lost and lack what makes prints so special. There is no substitute for a high quality prints and photo book. There’s something special about them, their texture, finish, colors, and tangibility.

If interested in purchasing prints, you will have the opportunity to view your select your photos online and choose the dimensions and type of photography paper.

For prints, we rely on Reyma, a very high quality, professional photo lab in San José, Costa Rica that rivals if not surpasses most professional printing labs in the United States with regards to quality and selection of photography paper, from luster to canvas.

For information on our photo books, visit our Photo Book page.

Our pricing is reasonable and straightforward. There are no hidden fees and we ensure you know exactly what you are ordering before purchasing. You will never be pressured into purchasing additional items.

Which Areas in Costa Rica Do You Cover?

We cover all of the Pacific Coast beaches in Guanacaste, Manuel Antonio, Punta Arenas, Herradura, Punta Leona to Ojochal and further south, as well as the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna areas and San José and the Greater Metropolitan Area. The only area in Costa Rica we do not cover is the Atlantic Zone and Caribbean beaches due to safety issues.

Our wedding packages include travel to any of these wedding destinations in Costa Rica.

Why are wedding photographers so expensive?

Hiring a professional in any field is expensive. Photography is no exception. Great wedding photographers are expensive; inexpensive photographers are usually not great photographers. If you choose a cheap photographer, be sure to adjust your expectations regarding the final product and the overall experience accordingly. Don't expect a 5-Series BMW for the price of a Ford Fiesta.

Photography equipment is not cheap. One entry-level professional-grade camera and lens can easily cost $5,000.00. A pro should have 2 camera bodies and at least 4 lenses. Add to this the cost of website hosting, a photo gallery and delivery service, long-term cloud storage, adverting, SEO services, continuing education, a computer workstation dedicated to photo editing, photo editing and camera and monitor color calibration software and hardware . . . The list goes on. Running a professional photography company is not cheap.

Sometimes, a potential client will comment: “It’s only 8 hours of work. How can you charge so much? You are not lawyers!” We do not just show up on your wedding day, take some pictures, and then send them to you. We upload your photos to two hard drives, organize them into categories, cull them, edit them, review them 2-3 times for color and exposure consistency, export them, and then upload them to your photo gallery. An 8-hour wedding is 40+ hours of work, not counting travel time and arriving early on your wedding day to check out your wedding venue.

Rest assured, with Arenas Foto you will get beautiful, high quality wedding photos, professional photographers and equipment, and a great experience. We recommend you do your homework before choosing your wedding photographer. Not all photographers who charge professional prices are professional photographers.

As much as we want you to hire us, if you don’t, please hire a professional. You will not regret it on your wedding day or 20 years later when looking at your wedding photos.

Do you offer engagement, anniversary, proposal or elopement sessions?

Yes. All of them last about 1.5 hours except elopements, which generally las longer depending on the needs of the couple.

See our Wedding Photography Packages page for information on our wedding, engagement, elopement, anniversary or proposal photography sessions.

If eloping in Costa Rica, Contact Us and we will create a custom photography package that meets your needs.

How many photos will we receive and how do you deliver them?

We deliver wedding photos within 4-6 of your wedding day. You will receive between 80 – 100 pictures per hour of coverage. We deliver photos using a private and secure online photo gallery.

It’s how we deliver your photos. It is a personal, password protected gallery of your wedding pictures organized by event (i.e., Preparation, Ceremony, Reception, . . . ) that allows you to share them via social media, mark them as favorites, and download them individually during the 4 weeks it is available. You can also download pictures by category via a zip file using links in the gallery invitation email.

How long do you keep our photos?

We never delete them. We keep backups of your backups in 3 locations - two onsite and a third in cloud storage. Accidents happen. It would be ashamed to lose your wedding photos due to an oversight, a mistake, or something that is out of your control.

ready to hire a professional photographer?

That's what you will get when you hire us.